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Marion Albrecht

Professional Translator | Author | Voice Over Services



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About Marion

Marion Albrecht, professional translator for English - German-English, Italian - German, and Dutch - German, born in Gronau/Germany in 1960, living in Münster/Germany, is a lady with many talents: She is not only a professional translator, she is also a narrator for audiobooks and documentaries.


She has been voicing radio commercials from a young age. Through her years of working as a speaker for an acoustic advertising agency, she was able to gain further experience and integrate her wide range of experience in this field into her professional life. Her dark, velvety alto voice (which she has had ever since she was a child) can sound both soothing and sexy.


Marion is a graduate of the course "Applied Linguistics”  (Translation) at the Language Center of the Saarland University.


Having many years of professional experience as a translator, she can translate texts of practically any kind. During her studies at the Saarland University, she had numerous opportunities to spend time abroad (Canada, USA, UK, Italy, Netherlands), which allowed her to acquire a lot of linguistic insider knowledge.


Here are some examples of her large pool of completed translations:


Psychiatric reports, advertising brochures for hotels, texts on non-destructive testing, privacy policies, tax returns, subtitles for documentaries, British and American short stories (SF/Fantasy) for the renowned German Bastei-Lübbe publishing house, contract terminology in general, instruction manuals, motivational letters, CV's, and many more.

Mein Angebot


A multi-talent with years of experience, commitment and passion! Whether as a translator, speaker or author - I feel at home in language. 



Competent and reliable translator with many years of professional experience and a lot of commitment to:

  • English-German-English

  • Italian German

  • Dutch-German

My rate USA:

1,10 US$ per standard line

My rate UK:

0,85 BP per standard line


voice over services

for audio books, documentaries and radio commercials

My rate USA:

First hour: 218,00 US$,

each half hour started: 110,00 US$

My rate UK:

First hour: 170,00 BP

Each half hour started: 86,00 BP


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